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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

About Us

Because of its mission to serve the entire engineering community, the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia is the "Engineering Center of the Philadelphia Region". It is the intersection of all engineering disciplines, broadening and strengthening individual member impact, alleviating fragmentation within the profession, and providing a collective knowledge pool for the engineering profession. It is the coalescing forum providing the individual member with an integrated, unified platform and approach to professional issues. Below are some objectives central to the Club's mission and more information is available here.


To provide a forum for professionals of all fields in the greater Philadelphia area, to discuss and experience topics, events and places of current and historical interest, with an emphasis on engineering.

To promote enthusiasm for engineering, and excite and encourage interest in the engineering profession.

To honor those who have made significant contributions to promote the field of engineering and who recognize their professional responsibility toward the betterment of the community.

To providing educational programs to enhance, expand and reinforce the technical proficiency of engineering professionals.

To help maintain an educational environment that encourages students at all levels to pursue programs that will increase their technical understanding of the world we live in.

To educate individuals in the Philadelphia area in topics of technical interest that will improve their knowledge and technical skills.

To cultivate an interest in technical topics that will help individuals in the educational, public and business sector in a rapidly changing, increasingly technological and global society, understand the issues.

To encourage leadership and professional responsibility toward the improvement of our community.

To sponsor and facilitate events that promote social interaction with the community.

To identify, inform and address issues in the political arena that impact the engineering community.

To preserve historically important engineering artifacts and buildings in the Delaware Valley that have contributed to the development of the engineering profession.